Chellsie Memmel

Chellsie Memmel

2005 AA World Champion & 2008 USA Olympic Silver Medalist 


Chellsie Memmel has been in a gym since the day she was born. In the beginning, you would find her hanging out over Mom or Dad’s back while they coached. As soon as she started walking she was taking Parent & Child Classes, then Tiny Tumblers on up. She competed compulsory levels from four to seven years of age and began optional gymnastics at age seven. Chellsie was a Tops National Team member from age six to nine. She became an elite at the age of ten.

Chellsie Memmel is the oldest of three daughters to Andrew and Jeanelle Memmel, both of whom were All-American gymnasts and won full college athletic scholarships. Andy was a gymnast at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Jeanelle competed for Centenary College in Louisiana. Chellsie is coached by her father, Andy. The Memmels own M&M Gymnastics in New Berlin, WI, where Chellsie trains. Her sisters Mara and Skyler both have done competitive gymnastics as well. Mara currently coaches at M&M Gymnastics, and Skyler just graduated from Central Michigan and is coaching at the gym as well.

Chellsie was born and raised in West Allis, Wisconsin. Her parents made a very determined effort to keep Chellsie’s life as normal as possible. They’ve always made time for her to enjoy her hobbies and other activities. She enjoyed reading, crafting, biking, swimming, snowmobiling and sledding as well as hanging out with friends and going to school events.

She attended school through 2003. She then became home schooled for a year so she could train and prepare for a spot on the 2004 Olympic Team. Two months before the Olympic Trials, she broke her foot and was denied the chance to compete at the 2004 Olympics and was named as an alternate athlete. Chellsie went right back into high school her junior year. Balancing training and school was difficult, but she did both very well and graduated with honors.

Chellsie burst into the spotlight in 2003 when she was named to the Pan American Games team and won five medals, including the team and all-around gold. As an alternate to the 2003 World Championships Team, she was cast into the lineup after injuries and illness of three team members. Memmel ended up playing a vital role in securing the team gold, earning the highest all-around marks of any team member during team finals. She went on to tie with teammate Hollie Vise as the World Uneven Bars Co-Champion. For her outstanding 2003 season, Memmel was named the 2003 TOPs Co-Athlete of the Year with Carly Patterson.

At the 2005 World Championships, Memmel became the first U.S. woman to win the all-around gold medal since 1994 when Shannon Miller won her second straight title (in 1991 Kim Zmeskal also won the title). She also finished second in both the uneven bars and balance beam. Chellsie tied for USA Gymnastics Women’s Athlete of the Year in 2005. At the 2006 World Championships, Chellsie helped her team earn the silver medal. She had to withdraw from finals due to a shoulder injury.

In 2006, Chellsie was part of the World Championships Team winning a silver team medal.  She was leading in the all-around competition but withdrew from finals due to a shoulder injury.  She ended up having surgery to repair her rotator cuff and labrum in early November 2006 and rehabbed for most of 2007.

Chellsie made the Olympic Team in 2008 and competed in Beijing, China where she took home a silver medal in the team competition.  She was only able to compete on the bars because she broke her ankle two days after arriving in China.

Chellsie really enjoyed competing for the United States, which allowed her to travel the world. Some of the countries she has been to include: England, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, China, Brazil, Greece, Australia, and Japan.

Nowadays, Chellsie is married with two children, Dashel and Audrielle.  She enjoys coaching at M&M Gymnastics with her family.  She travels the country for camps and clinics.  Chellsie is also a FIG Brevet judge.  She has judged US Championships since 2013 and had the honor of judging the 2016 Olympic Trials as well as other international competitions.


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